February 26, 2019 – Women’s Money Group Meeting

How to Buy Index Funds - A Step-by-Step Guide

How are your investments doing? Are you happy with your returns over the last five years? Are you confident that you’re on track for a comfortable, secure retirement?

If you’re like many women, you might answer that you either haven’t got many investments or you’re not sure how they’re doing.

Research tells us that women typically do one of two things when it comes to investing:

  • They delegate responsibility for this area of their finances to their spouse of an advisor. They usually can’t tell you which investments they hold, what they’re paying in fees, or how they’re doing.
  • They stick to very conservative, so-called safe investments ike GICs for the bulk of their money, even though GICs typically don’t keep pace with inflation. The result is the erosion of the buying power of their money. Sure, the principal is guaranteed, but its value has diminished because the cost of everything has gone up.

We all know that investing is essential to building wealth, but the challenge is that it feels scary when you don’t know what you’re doing. You could lose money. Isn’t it akin to gambling? Maybe you feel that you need to be an expert before event thinking about it.

GOOD NEWS: To do well with investments in the stock market, you just need to keep it simple and let the market work for you! The cornerstone of this simple, research-based approach is the humble index fund.

At February’s Women’s Money Group meetup, we’ll go over what index funds are and why research suggests they are a fundamental tool to grow your money. We’ll walk you through all the steps involved in buying them, with screen images, whether you do it through a bank or a discount brokerage.

This information is a small fraction of the material we cover in our Money Power 2 Course: How to Invest. By the end of the meeting, you’ll walk away knowing how to start investing in index funds.

Just imagine the feeling of feeling confident about investing for a change! It all starts with education. The meeting will be followed by an online webinar on March 19th where you can get answers to your questions.

If you’re concerned or embarrassed about the thought of having to disclose personal information, you can rest easy. This is a safe zone where you participate only if you choose to. If you’d prefer to sit quietly and absorb the discussions, that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re new to the Women’s Money Group, you can attend your first meeting for only $20 plus tax – less than half the cost of the monthly membership!

If you’ve already been to one meeting, reserve a seat through this page and then head over to the YFL website to purchase a membership: www.YourFinancialLaunchpad.com/womens-money-group. You can select a monthly membership for $43/month plus tax, or an annual membership for $397 plus tax. The website lists the many perks included in each membership.

If you are a member, access to the meeting is included in your membership, however you need to reserve a seat through the link below.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in our monthly meetings:


  • Finally get past your blocks, create a system that works, and achieve your goals with our help.
  • Ask whatever you like in our no blame, no shame, no judgment zone.
  • Get evidence-based answers you can trust, not a sales pitch.
  • Hands-on experience through case-based learning.
  • You’ll get support and follow up after the meeting.

Seats are limited, so book your spot today if you want to grow your confidence and results as an investor.

See you on February 26th!

*Please note that tickets are non-refundable. If your schedule changes, we are happy to reschedule to the following month’s meeting on a one-time basis.

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