January 22, 2019 – Women’s Money Group Meeting

Your Financial Check Up and a Blueprint for 2019 to Ensure Success

How did you make out with your financial goals in 2018? 

Did you hit your targets? Accomplish everything on your list?

Or did you instead encounter stumbling blocks that frustrated the socks off you? 

Are you heading into 2019 saying to yourself, “This year is going to be different,” but you’re not sure how you’ll make that happen? 

It’s time for a change in approach.

The reality is that unless you take the time to fully review the past year and create a solid plan for the year ahead, nothing much will change in 2019. What you got last year is what you’ll get next year, despite your protests to the contrary.

Look at past results. How many times have you set resolutions in early January only to break them mere weeks later? By March, your plans are in tatters and you’re taking a “hope for the best” approach.

People who succeed financially don’t fly by the seat of their pants. They also don’t keep doing the same thing, hoping for better results next time. As the image suggests, if your thinking and your actions remain the same, so will your results.

Those of you who knocked it out of the financial park in 2018 and who already have a clear blueprint mapped out for 2019, off you go. Keep up the great work!

For those of you who would like some guidance ensuring that 2019 is absolutely better than 2018, join me for the January Women’s Money Group meetup where we’re going to take a detective’s magnifying glass to the past year, figure out what were the points of friction, and create a solid financial plan for the year ahead.

No more hoping things work out; we’ll plan for it.

No more guessing at your next steps; we’ll clarify them.

No more inevitable disappointment that comes with a failure to plan; we’ll set you up with a step-by-step plan, a checklist and follow up support to ensure results.

Just imagine the feeling of crushing your financial goals next year!

If you’re concerned or embarrassed about the thought of having to disclose personal information, you can rest easy. This is a safe zone where you participate only if you choose to. If you’d prefer to sit quietly and absorb the discussions, that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re new to the Women’s Money Group, you can attend your first meeting for only $20 plus tax – less than half the cost of the monthly membership!

If you’ve already been to one meeting, reserve a seat through this page and then head over to the YFL website to purchase a membership: www.YourFinancialLaunchpad.com/Membership. You can select a monthly membership for $43/month plus tax, or an annual membership for $397 plus tax. The website lists the many perks included in each membership.

If you are a member, access to the meeting is included in your membership, however you need to reserve a seat through the link below.

Here are some of the benefits of participating in our monthly meetings:


  • Finally get past your blocks, create a system that works, and achieve your goals with our help.
  • Ask whatever you like in our no blame, no shame, no judgment zone.
  • Get evidence-based answers you can trust, not a sales pitch.
  • Hands-on experience through case-based learning.
  • You’ll get support and follow up after the meeting.

Seats are limited, so book your spot today, but only if you want to find yourself toasting the end of 2019 by saying, “That was a fantastic year!”

See you on January 22nd!

*Please note that tickets are non-refundable. If your schedule changes, we are happy to reschedule to the following month’s meeting on a one-time basis.

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