January 28th, 2020 – Women’s Money Group Workshop

How to Budget Effectively

What’s the very best use for your money in 2020?

How can you set up your finances to ensure that you accomplish your most important goals, especially if 2019 didn’t quite turn out the way you wanted it to? 

Most of us enter a brand-spanking new year full of optimism. Last year may not have gone quite as we had hoped, but we tell ourselves that this year will be better; we’re going to meet our financial targets. This time, we mean it, we’re serious.

But that’s not quite how it turns out. Within a couple of weeks, our old behavioral patterns start to take over and before we know it, we’re right back in the same old track headed for the usual results.

If you’re ready for a change and you want to launch your finances to the next level in 2020, then join us for our workshop on creating a simple, easy-to-implement money plan that gives every dollar you earn a job for the new year.

Isn’t that just a budget?

Yes and no. Mostly no.

Walk through any Personal Finance section in a book store and you will see shelves packed with books on How to Budget. Here’s the thing: If budgeting were so effective, all you’d need is a single book to walk you through the basics and you’d be set for life. There wouldn’t be a million books on budgeting because they wouldn’t be needed.

The problem is that people keep buying book after book on how to budget without getting the results they want. They think, “Budgeting works for everyone else; why doesn’t it work for me?” But here’s a bit of a shocker: Traditional budgeting doesn’t work for most people. It’s a sensible-looking approach to finances that gets one thing very wrong: the human side of the equation. If we were all robots, we’d be brilliant at budgeting.

Thankfully, we’re not robots, which means we need to take psychology and behavior into account when setting up our finances.

If you’re someone for whom budgeting works well and you’re able to stick to your budget, then brilliant. You can stop reading right now. If you have a system that works, do not change a thing.

This workshop is aimed at people who have tried budgeting and didn’t stick with it or who don’t have a system to organize their finances in a way that serves their most important values. I can tell you from experience that most people fit into this category.

At this month’s WMG workshop, we’re going to cover how to create an effective plan for the money you have coming in every month. Here’s an overview of what we’ll do:

– Determine what you want from your money. To give ever dollar a job, you need to know what those jobs are. We’ll look at how to break this down.
– List the jobs in order of priority for 2020.
– Draw out the flow of money, with rough amounts in place for essential categories only.
– Set up a system to track expenditures and savings/investments moving forward.
– Create calendar entries to review and revise your numbers.
– Put in place a system of accountability to help keep you on track.
– Tune up your mindset to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of progress.

Who can participate in the workshop?

All Women’s Money Group members can participate either in person or live online via our live stream. 

Are you new to the Women’s Money Group? No problem! You can join in by purchasing a General Admission ticket. Simply click on the ticket link below. You may instead choose to become a member at our promotional price to receive ongoing benefits.

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Women’s Money Group members automatically get a seat at the workshop. There is no need to register.

More benefits of participating in our community:


– Finally get past your blocks, create a system that works, and achieve your goals with our help.

– Ask whatever you like in our no blame, no shame, no judgment zone.

– Get evidence-based answers you can trust, not a sales pitch.

– Hands-on experience through case-based learning.

– You’ll get support and follow up after the meeting through Q&A sessions via Zoom

Book your spot today and learn how to set up a simple money management system to help you crush your financial goals in 2020! See you on January 28th, in person or online.


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