Money Power 1 Workshop, Co-Ed

Do More With Your Money, Fix Mindset Issues and Eliminate Debt Forever

Do you have a nagging feeling that you’re not using your money in the best possible way? If asked, you’d say you’re pretty good with money, but deep down you suspect you’re not making it work for you as well as you could.

Maybe you’re frustrated that no sooner do you pay down one debt, another one pops up. Why does that happen?! It’s a crazy cycle of debt that seems to have an unstoppable life of its own.

Or perhaps, after looking at your finances, you have no idea how you’re ever going to get ahead. Financial freedom seems to be a concept that is only for other people. It’s discouraging.

You’re not alone. Many people find themselves in the same boat as you with more questions than answers, frustrating results, and a lack of confidence about how to really get ahead financially.

When you snoop around online to try to find some answers, you end up drowning in a sea of information. There are literally thousands of books on every conceivable aspect of personal finances.

Who on earth has time for that?

And where do you start?

Who can you trust?

How do you know what will work for you?

Is there any hope when your finances are a mess?

GOOD NEWS: The Money Power 1 workshop was created to address these questions and help you master your finances!

Doris Belland, CEO of Your Financial Launchpad and founder of the Women’s Money Group, created this day-long workshop after more than ten years of experience helping families rebuild their finances to a position of strength. Using her background as a researcher, Doris documented the challenges people faced, as well as the stumbling blocks that kept showing up. What’s interesting about the situations Doris encountered is that despite their variety, they all boil down to a few key areas of competence.

Money Power 1 is broken down into Modules that address these core areas of competence, which will help you create a strong financial foundation:

Module 1:  Understanding and Overcoming Money Patterns, Beliefs, and Blocks

Module 2:  Creating a Values-Based Money Plan that Works for You. No fancy charts or spreadsheets required.

Module 3:  Optimizing your Cashflow

Module 4:  Eliminating Debt Forever

Here is a partial list of what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll uncover your behavioral patterns and beliefs using an interactive, case-based approach.
  • You will identify areas that may be holding you back.
  • You’ll receive a blueprint on how to get past behaviours that are not serving you well.
  • We’ll tackle the issue of how to decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars and how to make it all work inside a super-busy life.
  • You’ll create a simple money plan, based on your most cherished values, that’s easy to follow because, seriously, who wants more complexity in their life?
  • You’ll learn how to quickly decide if an expenditure is a fit in your plan.
  • You’ll learn how to understand your credit report and how to fix any issues that pop up.
  • You’ll learn proven strategies to eliminate corrosive debt once and for all.

After the workshop, there are two follow-up webinars to address any remaining questions and provide feedback as you apply the strategies. You will also have access to the closed Facebook group where you can continue to ask questions of our community and share your experiences.

Here are a few more benefits you’ll receive from the Money Power 1 Workshop:

Ask whatever you like in our safe, no judgment zone.

Get evidence-based answers you can trust, not a sales pitch.

Hands-on experience through case-based learning.

Build your confidence through ongoing support and follow up after the workshop.

Here’s what people just like you are saying about the material:

“Signing up for your workshop is one of the best financial decisions I have made. I’m so grateful for your work and generosity.” ST

“I looooooooooved your class. There has been a major shift in my feelings and approaches to money. I feel very empowered.” TM

This was SO much more than a class about finances…this was all about getting to a deeper understanding of the psyche behind my everyday financial habits, why I spend or approach saving the way I do.  It was about understanding how my own upbringing and my parent’s approach to finances impacts me now.  But most importantly, this was about being challenged and motivated and lifted up by an inspiring educator who made me want to be and do better!  Immediately following Doris’ workshop, my husband and I had a financial “date” which has changed EVERYTHING!” MS

You can have these results, too.

If you want to feel more confident about the way you use, make, and grow money, or you’re looking to create better financial options for yourself, then register now and join us on February 23rd, 2019. It’s going to be a great day of hands-on education, laughter, and results in a supportive, women-only environment.

Register now to get the early bird price and lock in big savings! The price goes up on February 1st, 2019.

See you there.

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