On-Site Financial Workshops to Help Your Team and Your Business

  • Grow Skills
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Productivity

Want to help your group be more productive at work by lowering their financial stress?

Research shows that half of full-time employees worry about money during the work day. How might this be impacting your competitive advantage? How much more effective might your team members be if they had financial literacy education, guidance, and support?

With the proven YFL financial workshop, they'll understand how to identify and fix harmful money patterns, eliminate debt, and create a simple system that supports their most cherished values.

When you help people understand how to build a solid financial foundation, they get better results with their money, their stress goes down, and their capacity to focus on work goes up.

The Benefits Go Far Beyond The Financial Workshop

Every time we deliver the material from our workshops, we see the power it has to transform lives. The comment we hear most often afterward is, “I've never thought about money that way before. No one has ever asked me these questions.”

We help participants consider the role money plays in their lives and how it can serve their highest, best goals. It's a significant shift that takes them from a perspective of working for money, to making money work for them. 

Empowering, inspiring, motivating, impactful – these are just some of the words attendees use to describe how they feel after our workshops.

A key component of our success is the safe zone we create in which all questions are welcomed. We offer a no blame, no shame and no judgment environment in which attendees may choose to participate to whatever extent they are comfortable.

Perhaps for the first time ever, people are given the space, support, and safety to discuss money in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere. With more than fourteen years of experience helping people strengthen their finances, we have ample data to reassure attendees that they are not alone in their challenges.

We also know from our work that when you help people understand how to eliminate debt, grow their savings, create more financial breathing room in their lives, and spend money in more meaningful ways, there is a a domino effect in their lives. 

When your team members concentrate on work instead of their finances, everybody wins.

Workshop Deliverables

  • Uncover your behavioral patterns and beliefs using an interactive, case-based approach.
  • Identify areas that may be holding you back.
  • Receive a blueprint on how to get past behaviors that are not serving you well.
  • Clarify your most important values.
  • Create a simple, easy-to-follow money plan, based on your top values.
  • Learn how to decide where to spend your hard-earned dollars and how to make it all work inside a busy life.
  • Understand how to quickly decide if an expenditure is a fit for your plans.
  • Discover proven strategies to eliminate corrosive debt once and for all.
  • Learn how to understand your credit report and how to fix any issues that pop up.
  • Get support and accountability through a follow-up webinar

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