🧠 Welcome to the Invest With Confidence 3.0 Course

Learn how to invest and grow your money in the stock market to create a better future even if you have never invested before, the terminology around investing sounds like a foreign language to you, and the idea intimidates you!

Go from lacking confidence, feeling fearful, and being overwhelmed to knowing what do do, how to do it, and becoming an investor with an evidence-based portfolio in 10 weeks – while understanding how it works, which factors matter, and how to create a simple, effective system to build your nest egg.

All without reading a single stock chart or needing a finance degree!  😌  (I know, thank heavens for that!)

📈 My Story

Over the past fifteen years, I have built a seven-figure stock market portfolio and a seven-figure real estate portfolio.

It all started with -$400,000.

Yes, that’s right – a negative number and a large one at that.

I began investing after my first husband died, leaving me with $400,000 of debt. I repaid the debt in two years, all the while swearing that I would never again be financially vulnerable.

As a former academic who had secured prestigious funding for my research, I knew how to break down and solve complex problems. My new areas of focus revolved around money:

  • How does money work – making it, managing it, and growing it?
  • How can you create an effective, sustainable money system?
  • And how can you grow your net worth as quickly and reliably as possible, to create great options, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance?


I decided to dig into real estate first, given my experience with the stock market (more on that in a bit).

My research background helped me look beyond “get rich quick” and one-off examples of guys who had bought three buildings and now proclaimed themselves to be experts, to find and test proven strategies that work.

After taking multiple courses, interviewing several multimillionaires, and reading voraciously about real estate, I began to build a portfolio.

I purchased dozens of properties for my own holdings and for an investment company I had started with a business partner. 

I also attracted millions of dollars of investment capital through Joint Venture Partnerships. During the decade that I focused on real estate, I became the President of my city’s Real Estate Investors Organization for one year.

⚠️ The Downside of Real Estate

Real estate can be a powerful vehicle to build wealth over time, but it comes with some downsides that investors may not realize when starting out.

For example, many tout the fact that real estate is a form of passive investing. I’ve been a real estate investor for more than fifteen years and I can tell you there is nothing passive about real estate investing if you’re the one doing the purchasing and the managing!

You also can’t take an extra $100 or $200 you just saved on a monthly basis (by using the values-based money management strategy I teach in my Take Charge of Your Money course) and invest it right away in real estate.

Real estate requires far larger dollar figures!

What I came to realize is that real estate takes a lot of time to execute properly, even when you’ve been doing it for years. 

I wanted more free time, not less!

I was looking for an investment option that could be done with minimal effort, using smaller amounts of cash.

That’s when I asked myself the following question: “What else do successful people do with their money?”

Enter more research. And the answer?

They invest in businesses and the stock market.

😨 Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A couple decades ago, when my first husband was still alive, I had let him handle what I called the “real investing”, which for me meant anything beyond simple investments with guaranteed returns – like T-bills and GICs. 

I figured he knew more than I did about how it all worked, which wasn’t hard because I knew nothing. He had to be better at it than me.

Lesson #1: Don’t make assumptions. The Y chromosome doesn’t confer investing knowledge or expertise.

So, I let my husband do the investing. He’d pick stocks and mutual funds based on heaven knows what criteria. He’d give some reason why it was a great pick, then call in the purchase (back when you had to call a broker to make a trade).

After he died, I avoided the statements. The whole thing intimidated me.

As the fog of grief lifted and as I paid off $400,000 of inherited debt, it occurred to me that I would be financially vulnerable forever more if I didn’t figure out how investing works.

I dug up the statements and tucked into them for the first time.

And that’s when I went into shock.

Even though I hardly understood anything on the statements, least of all what the investments were, one thing was clear: some investments had not grown one bit over the years, some had gone down in value, and others were essentially worthless. Only one fund – ONE! – had grown a bit.

What I had hoped for – to find that I had a bit of money to fall back on during such a hard period of my life – proved to be a pipe dream.

All that money, all that time, and mostly losses to show for it. 


My big lesson

I learned a hard lesson that day:  Abdicating the investment of my money to someone else, especially when I didn’t fully understand what they were doing with it, was dangerous.

I had to figure out how investing works and learn to do it myself.

No one else would ever again have control over my money before I had a clear understanding of what to do, how to do it, and why. 

My future depended on it.

It was the only way to move past my vulnerability and finally build a buffer that would give me decent options, both when life happens and for the future.

Honestly, Doris, the power that I feel understanding even a little bit of this stuff is almost intoxicating! In the past, I went to my investment appointments and I really just pretended to understand. BUT, now I'm getting it. I feel so proud that I understand where my investments are. I know why I have chosen what I have invested in and I feel confident moving forward. Even after I moved the investments, I felt scared and excited. But now that I've been doing it for over six months, each time I am in there and adding new funds, I get a thrill knowing that I understand what I am doing. It makes me feel powerful!!!

- BN

🔬 The Secret to Investing in the Stock Market

When I stopped to figure out how successful investors do it, I leaned on my training as a researcher. I spent several years looking for actual research into the various investment methods.

What I wanted to know was this: “What do the data show?”

After years of digging, interviewing investors and financial advisors, reading every book I could get my hands on, and testing out the resulting strategies, I realized it’s a matter of –

  1. Working out your retirement number, based on your values and goals
  2. Using a simple, low-touch, evidence-based, easy-to-maintain system
  3. Being behaviorally wise to let time and compound interest do their magic


That’s it. That’s what it takes to succeed at investing in the stock market.

🎯 The Challenge of Getting Started

    • It’s hard to know where to start.
    • Sifting through all the books, blogs, and magazine articles is overwhelming. How do you know what’s real? Whom to trust?
    • How do you pull together all that information into a system that makes sense?
    • It’s time-consuming trying to sort it all out.
    • It can be scary. You’ve worked hard for your money. The last thing you want to do is risk it in an unwise investment. This is especially a big deal for women!
    • It’s humbling and discouraging. For many women, “it takes about five minutes to feel stupid” when talking with a financial advisor, as one of my clients put it. Are they even speaking your language?


I get it. I felt that way too at one point, which is why I spent several years sifting through the research, interviewing financial advisors, figuring out what’s real and what’s a myth, putting what I’d learned into practice, building a strong system, and growing a seven-figure investment portfolio.

I can show you how to do it for yourself, too, without having to go through years of digging and hours of frustration.

🧠 The Invest With Confidence 3.0 Course

The Invest With Confidence 3.0 Course (IWC 3.0) is my newly expanded, online course in which I teach you everything you need to know to grow your money in the stock market.

The course is designed to take someone who knows absolutely nothing about investing and who doesn’t have any accounts, through the process of:

  • figuring out their retirement number
  • understanding how the system works
  • opening the accounts they’ll need
  • selecting and purchasing their first investments
  • and creating an easy-to-maintain system moving forward.


I ran the two previous versions of this course in 2019 and 2020 and the results were fantastic. You can read the many testimonials scattered throughout this page.

The newly expanded 3.0 version will be released on Monday, February 22nd, at 7:00 am EST. One Module will be released every Monday morning for ten weeks.

Doris made investing simple and easy to learn.


🥳 By the end of the 10-week course...

  1. You’ll have worked out your retirement number.
  2. You’ll understand your risk profile and how risk works.
  3. You’ll understand the language of investing and what all those terms mean.
  4. You’ll have opened the accounts you’ll need to invest.
  5. You’ll know which accounts to start with and why.
  6. You’ll understand your existing investments, how they work, and what they cost. And you’ll know if you want to keep them or shift them into other investment vehicles.
  7. You’ll have decided what you plan to purchase and why.
  8. You’ll know whether “safe investments” are really safe and what that means.
  9. You’ll understand how tax considerations affect investment choices.
  10. You’ll know what to look for on investment statements.
  11. You’ll know how to track your investments and which information is needed when you file your taxes.
  12. You’ll have set up automations to maximize savings and turn them into investments as quickly as possible.
  13. You’ll understand what the research shows about popular methods of investing – and why that path won’t serve you well.
  14. You’ll have strategies from behavioral science in place to keep yourself on track when the markets get noisy or when life happens and you’re tempted to panic.
  15. You’ll know when to re-balance and what that means.
  16. You’ll know what to look for in an investment advisor if you’re not a DIY-type.
  17. You’ll know what to say to the guy in the corner cubicle who keeps telling you, “You know what you should invest in? …”
  18. You will feel confident in knowing that you’ve taken control of your money and your future.
  19. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your money is serving you well.
  20. You’ll be a member of a community of women just like you who are there to cheer you on, help you get past hurdles, and swap investing ideas.
  21. You’ll have an accountability system to help keep you on track.

What's in The Course?

The course is full of great content to build your knowledge, grow your confidence, and help you put your money to work for you as quickly as possible using an evidence-based approach.

Here is a summary of the Modules and Lessons:

🎯 Module 1: Mindset and Goals

    • Lesson 1 – Past experiences and results
    • Lesson 2 – Current knowledge and feelings about investing
    • Lesson 3 – Your goals and your “why”
    • Lesson 4 – Healthy mindset strategies

📛 Module 2: Terminology, Types, and Taxation

    • Lesson 1 – Investing Terms and Definitions
    • Lesson 2 – Types of investments
    • Lesson 3 – Tax-sheltered accounts and unregistered accounts
    • Lesson 4 – Pros and cons of each

📊 Module 3: Risk and Returns

    • Lesson 1 – The R-R relationship
    • Lesson 2 – Volatility
    • Lesson 3 – Inflation
    • Lesson 4 – Taxes
    • Lesson 5 – Fees

🧬 Module 4: Research Results

    • Lesson 1 – Differences between the sexes
    • Lesson 2 – Active vs passive investing
    • Lesson 3 – Market timing vs Dollar Cost Averaging
    • Lesson 4 – The impact of fees

💡 Module 5: Your Profile

    • Lesson 1 – Risk tolerance and risk capacity
    • Lesson 2 – Your Investor Profile
    • Lesson 3 – Best fit for your situation
    • Lesson 4 – Your timeline and your number

💻 Module 6: Where to Buy Investments

    • Lesson 1 – Banks
    • Lesson 2 – Discount brokerages
    • Lesson 3 – Robo Advisors
    • Lesson 4 – Advisors

📋 Module 7: Investing Steps and Processes

    • Lesson 1 – Account selection
    • Lesson 2 – Asset allocation
    • Lesson 3 – The buying process
    • Lesson 4 – Reviewing and rebalancing
    • Lesson 5 – Record-keeping

👓 Module 8: Investment Advisors

    • Lesson 1 – What they do
    • Lesson 2 – How they are paid
    • Lesson 3 – Qualifications
    • Lesson 4 – Questions to ask

🧠 Module 9: The Psychology of Investing

    • Lesson 1 – Bias
    • Lesson 2 – Over- and under-confidence
    • Lesson 3 – How the media influences us
    • Lesson 4 – Loss aversion and fear-based decision-making
    • Lesson 5 – How to overcome biases

🎬 Module 10: Your Investing Blueprint and Action Plan

    • Lesson 1 – Current holdings
    • Lesson 2 – Step by step action plan
    • Lesson 3 – Maintaining your system
    • Lesson 4 – Annual reporting
    • Lesson 5 – Accountability Toolkit

I just finished Invest With Confidence and I'm feeling completely elated to know that I now possess the skills/tools to start investing with confidence! To add to that, I feel empowered and excited about my awareness that I can approach investing, along with the knowledge I gain in the Women's Money Group, to comfortably create the life I want for myself. Knowing that Doris is there to offer guidance and support, along with the opportunity to participate in future IWC courses, eases the fear and worry within me.

- SA

✔️ Who's the Course For?

The Invest with Confidence 3.0 Course is for people who:

  • are tired of being intimidated by the topic of investing
  • want to ensure that their money is working as hard for them as possible
  • want to create great options for the future
  • have had enough of not understanding investment statements and what their advisors are saying
  • want more from their money and their life
  • want to feel in control of their future
  • want to feel confident about investing
  • are willing to do the work to learn
  • have money to invest
  • have investments they don’t understand
  • are frustrated with the returns they’re getting from their existing investments
  • want to have a better understanding of how much money they’ll need in the future and how to get there


You have to be willing to put in the time to learn and to implement the material in the course. 

It does take work. The good news is that it’s absolutely worth it.

I’ve distilled years of research and information from multiple domains – finance, behavioral economics, and psychology – down into bite-sized chunks in the course.

I will show you how to do it yourself, using plain English and an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

If you’d prefer to work with a financial advisor, that’s fine, too. This course will help equip you with the knowledge you need to pick the right person – one who uses a research-based approach – and understand what she is doing with your money. You’ll also be able to evaluate the job your advisor is doing for you.

If you’re willing to invest your time, you can learn while building your confidence.

❌ Who's the Course Not For?

The course isn’t for you if:

  • you’re not willing to set aside the time to watch the videos and do the exercises. You do get lifetime access to the course, so there is no requirement to complete the Modules right away. But to reap the rewards, you do need to do the work at some point.
  • you’re looking for a “get rich quick” formula. This isn’t it. In fact, after researching how money works for the past twenty years, I have yet to find an effective “get rich quick” strategy. There is no mystery here. This is about evidenced-based investing. Once the system is set up, you’ll be able to maintain it on less than one hour of work per month; but first you have to learn how and put the system in place.
  • you want to be told what to buy. I am a financial literacy educator, not a certified financial planner. I will not tell you what to buy. I will teach you how the system works, the pros and cons of various strategies, and what evidence-based advisors I trust recommend. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to decide what makes sense for you.
  • you want guaranteed returns. That’s not how it works. Investing, by its very nature, does not come with guarantees, unless you select the equivalent of a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate). What you’ll learn though, is that the latter comes with a hefty downside that may hurt you in the end. There are no guarantees. I will teach you the systems and processes that have proven to be most effective, based on research; but I cannot guarantee any specific result.
  • affordability is an issue. If the investment for the course will have a significant effect on your cash flow or if you are dealing with corrosive debt, my Take Charge of Your Money course is a good first step before learning to invest.

I have always said, I don't know what I don't know. Participating in Doris' Invest With Confidence Course helped strengthen what I did know and provided me with tools that I didn't know about to start investing on my own. Doris guided us on the "how to." I was able to open an investment account for my tax-free account, make a deposit, learn what my investor risk was, and how to use the strategy moving forward. I am happy to say that because I took the first step, signed up for the course, I was able to take the next step, which led to investing on my own, which led to me maximizing my investments. Hooray! Thank you, Doris!

- JB

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🙂 Everything in IWC 3.0 Essential

❇️ Free lifetime access to all future course content updates, including videos, worksheets, exercises, and expert interviews

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👩‍🏫 Coaching Schedule - Premium and Platinum Members

The Group Coaching Schedule for Premium Package members will be announced when the course next opens for registration.

All private coaching sessions, for both the Premium and Platinum members, will be booked individually. You will receive an email after registration to select your private coaching session dates and times.

💰 My Money-Back Promise

I know what it’s like to be interested in taking a course, but wonder, “Will this meet my expectations? What if I don’t like it?”

I know that my students get great results when they do the lessons and implement what they’ve learned, but I get that you don’t yet know that for yourself.

I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. That’s why I’m offering a Money-Back Promise:

If you’ve watched the video lessons, completed the exercises, and you don’t find the course useful by the end of  four weeks, send me an email and I will happily refund your full payment within four weeks of the course start date. No hard feelings!

This provides you with a risk-free opportunity to experience the course for yourself.

📜 What an Experienced Financial Advisor Says About the Course

Nancy Graham, CPA, CA, CIM®, CFP, TEP, Portfolio Manager, PWL CAPITAL

⏰ Your Future Depends on Today

Fast-forward the clock and picture yourself twenty years down the road.

What does that look like? How are your investments doing?

How comfortable are you financially?

Do you have to worry about having enough money to retire, if you haven’t already done so? Or are you, instead, enjoying doing the things you love and benefitting from the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re on track financially?

How would it feel to be able to live life on your terms and to ditch the stress that comes from financial uncertainty?

Wouldn’t it be terrific to look back with satisfaction and think, “I’m so glad I took the necessary steps to figure this out years ago. What a relief not to have to worry about this today!”

Here’s the thing: Your future depends on your actions today. What you end up with will, in part, be a function of the choices you make and the actions you take today.

If you find yourself saying, “I’ll do it later,” ask yourself: Does “later” ever come?

Will you regret putting off learning this important information?

Will you look back and say, like so many women I talk to, “I wish I had done this years ago”?

The one thing we can say about learning to invest is that the sooner you learn how it works and how to do it systematically, the better.

Time is an important factor in letting compound interest do its work for you. You definitely want to use every day that you can.

❄️ Is it Too Late for Me?

People are living longer than ever before.

In Canada, the average life expectancy for men and women was 80 and 84, respectively, in mid-2020.

Even if you’re 60 today, you might live another 20 to 30+ years, depending on your health and genetics.

What could you accomplish in 20 to 30 years, or more?

That’s a long time! Just imagine what you could do in two or more decades? It’s certainly a lot of time for your money to be working hard for you.

The very best time to start investing, for most people, is today. 

“Before exposure to the course or the Women’s Money Group, I truly felt that investing was something that required an expert outsider to do. I didn’t understand it. I felt intimidated by it and I avoided having meetings with our ‘financial planner’ or even looking at statements. I knew about RRSPs and TFSAs (and didn’t think I had enough money for the latter).

My ex had explained some things to me before but they never stuck. I had such a mental block about investing! I didn’t want to be involved. I wanted other people (my ex and my ‘planner’) to make all of the decisions so that I didn’t have to think about it. I got my wish in that other people made decisions. Now I know how to make much better ones! I also remember a stock market challenge in grade 9 or 10 I think. I signed up because I wanted to learn about the process but that didn’t happen. I was intimidated and came away with the message that investing was complicated and better suited to men. I don’t know if that was communicated to us but it’s the message I walked away with.

I took the investing course last year, at the beginning of Covid. I got myself all set up with a [discount brokerage] account and I started investing!!

The information from the course is, like the other financial information that Doris provides, an absolute lifeline. It increased my confidence 10,000%. It completely changed how I think about investing and my confidence in doing it. Now I know how to make much better decisions!”

– JP

💡 "What If I Already Work with an Advisor?"

When I’m asked if it makes sense to understand how to invest when you’re already working with a financial advisor, I respond with an emphatic, “Yes!” It’s doubly important to understand what’s going on when you delegate this critical task to someone else.

You work hard for your money. Why would you hand it over to someone else to manage without having a solid understanding of what they’re doing with it and why?

How can you evaluate the job they’re doing if you don’t understand what they’re doing?

It’s not enough to simply note that the value of your holdings has gone up, if it has.

You also need to understand what their service is costing you and what the investments they’re choosing on your behalf are costing you. The research is very clear when it comes to investing: Fees are one of the most important factors in determining your results.

A difference of as little as 1% in fees can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your portfolio.

Just imagine losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars off your retirement nest egg because of fees, many of which aren’t obvious to the general public. How happy would you be about that?

I can tell you that it’s not fun to make that discovery. One of my course students was stunned when she calculated what her investments had cost her over twenty years of investing diligently through her advisor. In her mid 40’s, she had nowhere near the amount she would have had if her advisor has chosen investments that simply tracked the market, as I teach in my course.

In the first year of taking over her investments, she calculated that she saved more than $7,000! Now think of 20 years of excess fees and do the math.


It is critical to understand all of the important factors in investing, so that you can make an informed choice when sitting down with an investment advisor.

In Invest with Confidence 3.0, not only will you learn how to invest, you’ll also learn how to choose the best financial advisor for you, if that’s the route you choose to take.

Never again will you feel “dumb, inadequate, and insecure,” as one woman did before she took my course. As she pointed out, “I didn’t even have the knowledge to ask questions of my advisor.”

Those days could be over within ten weeks.

📔 A Summary of What You Will Gain

  • Knowledge of how investing works
  • Increased confidence
  • A community of support
  • No more guesswork; only evidence-based investing
  • Peace of mind from knowing your money is working hard for you
  • Feeling capable in an area that was previously intimidating
  • Better options for yourself and your family
  • A nest egg you understand
  • The satisfaction and security that come from taking charge of your money