Onsite and Online Financial Workshops to Help Your Team and Your Business

Grow Skills  *  Reduce Stress  *  Improve Productivity

Are your employees focused on their work or their finances?

Research shows that half of full-time employees worry about money during the workday. Given the economic climate, that number is probably higher today.

How does this impact your competitive advantage and your bottom line?

How much more effective and happier might your team members be if they had education, tools, and guidance to address their financial challenges?

With Doris’ proven Money Changes Everything workshops, they will learn how to identify and fix harmful money patterns, create a simple system that supports their most cherished values, and achieve their financial goals.

When you help your team understand how to build a solid financial foundation, they get better results with their money, their stress goes down, and their capacity to focus on their work goes up.

Doris presented five Lunch and Learn workshops for our staff. The presentations surpassed our expectations. She received glowing reviews!

Doris has great energy and knows how to introduce a topic that can be uncomfortable and stressful for so many. She makes people feel at ease.

I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises – having participants identify their top values to begin shifting their mindset. I like that Doris linked financial stress to overall health, which is in line with our message to staff.

- Jenevieve Reynolds, Medical Council of Canada

Choose one of Doris’s popular topics or request a customized presentation for your group.

Presentation #1 – Effective, Values-Based Money Management

In this workshop, participants will learn the following:

The goal of this presentation is to help participants reconsider the traditional, budget-based approach to money management. By the end of the workshop, they will understand why using a values-based approach is more effective and simpler to implement than a budget-based system.
They will also have a plan to help them clarify their top five values, from which all future financial decisions will flow.

Presentation #2 – Plan Your Cash flow and Grow Your Savings

In this workshop, participants will learn the following:

The goal of this presentation is to help participants grow their wealth by developing both a high-level understanding of the importance of cash flow, as well as an understanding of how they are using their cash on a monthly basis.

When they have completed the spreadsheet and the visual representation chart, they will be better equipped to take a strategic approach to their spending. The net effect will be threefold: lower debt levels, increased savings and greater peace of mind as they feel more in control of their finances.

Presentation #3 – Grow Your Wealth: Make Money Work for You

In this workshop, participants will learn the following:

The goal of this presentation is to help attendees develop a deeper understanding of how to invest their money using research-based information. People who want to know more about investing often complain that the amount of available information is overwhelming. They also don’t know which sources to trust.

This presentation will provide a distillation of the research and a clear, simple approach to help attendees grow their money to secure their future.

We were thrilled to have Doris Belland present two Lunch and Learn sessions at our office. Doris’s presentations were customized to our audiences’ desire to better understand and grow their wealth. Her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm were captivating. We already have requests to bring her back, for the third time!

Fatima Haider, Women at Enbridge Employee Resource group

Enbridge Gas Distribution

A key component of Doris’s success is the safe zone she creates in which all questions are welcomed. She offers a no blame, no shame, no judgment environment in which attendees may choose to participate to whatever extent they are comfortable.

Perhaps for the first time ever, people are given the space, support and safety to discuss money in a way that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Doris knows from experience that when you help people deepen their financial literacy skills, there is a domino effect in their lives.

When your employees can concentrate on work instead of their finances, everybody wins.

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