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Doris is an engaging speaker. She brings a wealth of knowledge (pun intended) to the stage and delivers it in a very easy-to-understand way. Just her voice alone holds your attention, and helps emphasize the significance of her message. I know that the topic of financial independence is a passion of hers. She has a great message for both men and women, and certainly understands the special significance that this topic should hold for women of all ages. Not only that, she “walks the talk”!Joanne Murphy, Zija International
I have heard Doris present on different occasions and she truly is an inspirational woman. She speaks from her heart and you are compelled into action because she is so passionate in her teachings. She feels very strongly about motivating people, women in particular, into taking control of their finances and making positive changes in their lives. I have definitely learned a lot and look forward to learning more from her the next opportunity I get.Bona Normandeau,
When I first met Doris Belland I could tell immediately that she was a leader. She stood out in a crowd because she was professional, articulate, confident and friendly. Doris is the type of person that lives every moment to the fullest, recognizing that life is precious. She is an inspiration to many.Rich Danby , Rich Ottawa Investments
I've known Doris for over two years now and have seen her speak during group and individual client presentations. She has always been very informative and she speaks in a manner that everyone understands. Doris is also very energetic, keeping everyone engaged throughout the presentation. I would recommend her as a speaker without any hesitation.Alexia Ferdinand, Metro City Mortgages
I've had the pleasure of listening to Doris speak and present on a number of occasions from her leader lead workshops as well as presentations within our local real estate investors group. Each time, Doris has been nothing but professional and articulate in her speech and delivery of her workshop content. It's always a pleasure listening to her and I look forward to many more opportunities.Chris Veaudry, Veaudry Real Estate Investments