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"Hi, I'm Doris. I help women transform their lives by teaching them how to take charge of their money, get rid of debt, and build the confidence to make good financial decisions for a better future."

Feeling unsure about part of your finances?

  • Do you wonder if you're making the best choices for your money?
  • Is debt an issue for you?
  • Are you confused about where to start?
  • Do you find it hard to save money?
  • Does investing scare you?
  • Do you wish you had a place to ask your “stupid questions”?

If so, you're not alone. Many women feel that way.
Doris can help you.

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Discover how our Money Changes Everything Courses and Groups have empowered women like you and helped them transform their relationship with money

What Makes Doris' Approach So Different?

Doris' 7 Step Plan to Transform Your Finances is a game-changer because it is based on both research and experience in the field with real people who had a range of financial challenges. This isn’t just a list of strategies that sound sensible; it’s a proven system, backed by data and taught in a specific order to ensure lasting results. From beginning to end, the process is tied to your most cherished values and helps you answer a fundamental question: What do I want my money to do for me?

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Women everywhere have the same concerns, the same fears. We understand how frustrating it is to feel uncertain about how to tackle money challenges, to be embarrassed by what you don’t know, and to be intimidated by some parts of your finances, especially investing.

What Research Tells Us

Research shows very clearly that a lack of confidence is a big problem for women: We avoid certain aspects of our finances and it ends up hurting us in the long run. When you build your knowledge in a safe space, your confidence grows.

You start making better choices which, in turn, has a positive ripple effect in all areas of your life.

Financial Literacy Education By a Woman, For Women

The Women’s Money Group and the Money Changes Everything Courses are led by Doris Belland, creator of the 7-Step Plan to Transform Your Finances. Doris is a former academic who turned her sights onto the study of financial literacy after being widowed and left with nearly $400,000 of debt in her early thirties. She paid off the debt in two years, built an investment portfolio of real estate and stock market holdings, and spent ten years working with families as a Financial Repair Specialist.

The Women’s Money Group was created to help women experience genuine, lasting change by learning about different aspects of their personal finances every month, within a supportive group of like-minded women. The idea stemmed from one of Doris’s research projects in which women from across Canada asked for answers to a long list of questions. They were eager for information they can trust.

Since its launch in February of 2018, the WMG has helped its members create profound changes in their feelings about, and results with, money.

The Money Changes Everything Courses were created to address key areas of financial literacy that are essential to developing a strong financial foundation. This information should be taught in school, but sadly, it’s not.

Everyone deserves financial peace of mind, not just the wealthy. To achieve that, you need to create a solid financial base. That’s what the Money Changes Everything: Take Charge of Your Money Course will teach you to do. In the Money Changes Everything: Invest With Confidence Course, you will learn how to grow your money and build security without fear or guesswork.

If you’d like to manage your money with confidence and create a rock-solid financial foundation, register for the Money Changes Everything Courses or the Women’s Money Group today.

I'm not sure I have the words yet to describe
how I feel about all this work with my finances.
Empowered, fantastic, excited! — JP


I'm not sure I have the words yet to describe
how I feel about all this work with my finances.
Empowered, fantastic, excited! — JP

What's My Investment?

There are offerings and price points for women at every stage of the journey.

You can start your financial transformation for free by downloading a copy of Doris' eBook; or get a copy of her published book Protect Your Purse, Shared Lessons for Women.

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and dig into the process of transformation, look at our courses or the Women's Money Group. 

For those of you who want the fastest possible results, get private coaching while you work on one of the courses.

Regardless where you start, here is something to consider: What is financial uncertainty costing you?

How does it feel to not have a safe place where you can ask your so-called “dumb questions”?

What opportunities are you missing because you just don’t feel ready to act?

How can you move forward if you don't know where to start?

A lack of confidence and knowledge may already be costing you a great deal. With our Courses and group, you'll receive the value back many times over. One attendee is saving $845 per month after implementing one of our recommendations!

Invest in yourself through financial literacy education, in a supportive environment, to get great results. It's amazing how quickly you can accomplish your goals when you have the knowledge and the confidence to take charge of your money. 

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