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Protect Your Purse is now available!

Protect Your Purse, Shared Lessons for Women: Avoid Financial Messes, Stop Emotional Bankruptcies and Take Charge of Your Money available on Amazon!

In Protect Your Purse, Doris Belland shares the hard lessons she learned when she experiences loss and extreme debt.

Supported by interviews of more than three dozen women, none of whom foresaw the difficult life events they encountered, she connects the common issue of women not being in true control of their financial health because they did not make key decisions nor plan for what if.

Protect Your Purse goes beyond a list of “to-dos” to highlight larger issues for women and provide insights around:
  • Getting your head in the right space as your first step to financial control
  • How to approach money challenges both before and after unexpected change
  • Money being a tool to learn, not an emotion to manage, and
  • How money creates options, not security
It’s time to rethink how secure you are and take control of your own financial future. Belland will show you how to move through your fears, make a proactive plan, and build the confidence to create your life on your terms, regardless of what comes your way, secure in the knowledge that you are not alone.

What people are saying

Doris Belland relies heavily on her own story and those of other women she knows to help you find your financial path without relying too much on a spouse or partner. Being widowed at 32 and having to repay a mound of debt helps her teach lessons she’s learned at great personal expense. I found the book a quick and entertaining read, full of practical tips to help you get started and stay on track. -Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star Consumer Columnist, Personal Finance Speaker and Instructor at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
Reading Protect Your Purse helped me on two fronts. First, it brought into clear focus what I needed to know about my finances, why, and how to proceed. Secondly, it showed me the humanity behind everyone’s story and took the drama out of mine. This book saved my sanity on many levels. -Tammy Plunkett, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker
Once I entered into Doris’s world, I quickly came to the conclusion that Protect Your Purse is a book that all parents will want to share with their children, both male and female, as part of their life skills learning. And all women will want to share this book with their girlfriends. She has shared financial strengthening tools that are easy to fit into our day-to-day life. -Jacqueline Hunter, CLU, CHS, Financial Advisor/Owner, The Co-Operators
I’ve met many business women throughout my life and I can attest with confidence that Doris is, by far, the smartest and most practical woman I know about finance and investing. I am astounded by the clarity she brings to complex issues around family and finance, and she offers practical and actionable advice you can bank on. I will refer her book to all the women in my life. -Nick Legault, CEO of Building Investments Inc.
This book puts into perspective how quickly your world can change. Although my wife and I (or maybe it was just I) thought we had everything absolutely squared away with respect to finances, wills and insurance, Doris's book sparked some discussion on “what if”? And surprisingly, we were not on the same page in all cases. We are now. Protect Your Purse will help a lot of husbands like me, who want to do the right thing, but perhaps, don’t really want to think about it. -Robi Khan, Director of Analytics, Kinaxis

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