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Taking control of your finances is a key step toward living a more secure, empowered life.

Whether you’re just getting started or taking the next steps toward a better financial future, we have some great options to help you...

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Your Foundation
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A proven, step-by-step money management system to help you    take charge of your finances, heal your relationship with money, and create great options for yourself – without overwhelm.


Go from Confused to Confident as you build wealth through  investing –  without guesswork or fear.

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When We Work Together

One of my superpowers is my ability to look at any financial situation, spot the issues and patterns at play, and create a simple, effective path to financial freedom.

It’s not just because I’ve lived through financial trauma and pulled myself out of it to achieve financial independence…

    … it’s also due to my training as a researcher.

I don’t guess at what might work; I take a systematic, evidence-based approach using a methodology I’ve refined over the past fifteen years.

When you use a proven system that is grounded in your core values and you couple that with experienced guidance and accountability, the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish.

If you’re looking for someone to do it for you or just make your challenge go away, I’m not your person.

I’ve learned that the only way to guarantee ongoing success is to show you how, so that you become a rock star at using your money well and making financial decisions that are in your highest, best interest.

You become empowered and confident.

If that sounds like a fit, pick the best option for you from the programs above and let’s get you to a wealthy, fulfilling life as quickly as possible.

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Whatever you do, don’t put off taking action. Your life is too important for that.

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