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Learn to Grow Your Money and
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What if you could learn how to confidently invest your money and build wealth … even if investing intimidates you and you’ve never done it before?
Investing Made Simple is the A-to-Z course designed by a woman for women, where you’ll learn what to do and how to do it, using plain English and a simple, research-based approach.
Go from feeling fearful, worried about losing money, and being overwhelmed …
to becoming an investor with an evidence-based portfolio and a community of support in 10 weeks.
"Participating in the Investing Made Simple Course helped strengthen what I did know and provided me with tools that I didn't know about to start investing on my own. Because of the easy-to-learn skills Doris gave me, I have managed to increase my net worth over $100,000 in a 9-month period of time, over $150,000 in a 28-month period of time. Doris set me free to earn more, gain financial confidence, and increase my net worth. I am beyond grateful."
- Jacquie B.

Here’s a secret:

Investing effectively isn’t just for a select few with insanely good math skills and specialized degrees.

You can become a successful investor with a growing nest egg, too.

All you need is an understanding of how investing works, a simple system to follow, and a community of support to cheer you on as you learn.
But, like my past clients before they took Investing Made Simple,
you might be letting one of the following reasons stop you from building wealth:


It doesn’t have to be that way.

Are you ready to move past fear and start making your money work hard for you so that you can start living the kind of life you really want?

"The power that I feel understanding even a little bit of this stuff is almost intoxicating! In the past, I went to my investment appointments and I really just pretended to understand. It made me feel dumb, insecure, and inadequate. BUT, now I'm getting it. I feel confident moving forward on my own.

Now that I've been doing it for over six months, each time I am in there and adding new funds, I get a thrill knowing that I understand what I am doing. It makes me feel powerful!!!
And I've saved more than $7,000 per year."
- Janette N.

Hi, I’m Doris Belland.

I’m a financial literacy educator, money coach, and experienced investor with a seven-figure portfolio.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve taught women across Canada how to become financially strong and create a growing portfolio of their own…

With roughly 30 minutes to an hour of work per month.

I created Investing Made Simple to cut through the jargon, present what really works based on research, and help you create a great future for yourself.

What you'll know by the end of the course:

Module 1: Mindset and Goals

How your past experiences have shaped your beliefs about investing and how to create a healthy money mindset to set you up for success.

Module 2: Terminology, Types, and Taxation

What all those terms mean, the account options you have, and what research tells us about the pros and cons of each.

Module 3: Risk and Returns

What risk is, how to manage it, and how it relates to the performance of your portfolio.

Module 4: Research Results

What research tells us about what works and what doesn't work - and what to avoid.

Module 5: Your Profile

What your risk profile is as an investor, the best fit for your situation, and what you need to do to meet your goals.

Module 6: Where to Buy Investments and What to Buy

What your options are when it comes to which funds to buy, and where to buy them.

Module 7: Investing Steps and Processes

How to set up your investment accounts, the step-by-step process involved in buying funds, and how to maintain your portfolio.

Module 8: Investment Advisors

What investment advisors do, how they're paid, and what to look for if you choose to work with one.

Module 9: The Psychology of Investing

How psychological biases can affect your decision-making and harm your results, and how to avoid them.

Module 10: Your Investing Blueprint and Action Plan

What your plan is and the steps you need to take to create your portfolio. You'll also have an accountability system in place to keep you on track.

Above all else…

Investing Made Simple 4.0 will give you the skills, systems, resources, and support you need to confidently invest your money and build wealth.

That foundation will help you create great options for yourself and build a life you love.

Investing Made Simple 4.0 (IMS) will Transform Your Finances.
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Before exposure to the course, I truly felt that investing was something that required an expert outsider to do. I didn’t understand it. I felt intimidated by it and I avoided having meetings with our ‘financial planner’ or even looking at statements.

I took the investing course at the beginning of Covid. I got myself all set up with a [discount brokerage] account and I started investing!! The information from the course is, like the other financial information that Doris provides, an absolute lifeline. It increased my confidence 10,000%. It completely changed how I think about investing and my confidence in doing it.

Now I know how to make much better decisions!
- Ann P.
"A couple guys in my department were having a hallway talk about investing this week... It's all so layered, the guys support the guys and so on. Anyways, I jumped right in, contributed, discussed, debated with total confidence as a result of what I learned in Investing Made Simple. Realized I probably knew as much or more. Was an AWESOME experience."
- Ann R.

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