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Doris is a “tell it like it is, with compassion” speaker who helps her audience get quick, lasting results with their finances.

Over the course of two decades, Doris has helped thousands of people with her research-based, easy-to-implement money system.

Her proven techniques help build up her clients’ confidence, sense of empowerment, and their bank account.

No Shame. No Blame. No Judgement.


Doris’ No Shame, No Blame, No Judgement approach immediately puts her audiences at ease – even with a potentially difficult subject like finances.

This safe-space approach underpins all her work.

In addition, Doris uses her background as a researcher to incorporate psychology, behavioral economics, finance, and mindset research into every presentation.

Discussions about money are never just about money.

As Doris says, to get results you have to consider the whole person – their goals, fears, biases, and past experiences.

Her success as a financial literacy educator and her popularity as a presenter are due to her comprehensive, unique approach to money management, an engaging, easy-to-understand delivery, and effective story-telling.

Talking about money shouldn’t be boring or intimidating!


From Corporate to Keynotes

Doris has shared her message at a wide range of events including workplace workshops, Lunch & Learns, conferences, and corporate events.

She is comfortable with audiences of all sizes and can deliver an engaging presentation both in person and online.

As the founder and host of the Women’s Financial Freedom Group (formerly the Women’s Money Group), Doris has been presenting online on a monthly basis since 2019.

Doris presented five workshops for our staff. The presentations surpassed our expectations. She received glowing reviews!

Doris has great energy and knows how to introduce a topic that can be uncomfortable and stressful for so many. She makes people feel at ease.

I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises – having participants identify their top values to begin shifting their mindset. I like that Doris linked financial stress to overall health, which is in line with our message to staff.

- Jenevieve Reynolds, Medical Council of Canada

While the location of Doris’ presentations varies, her core message never does:

  • Your financial health is integral to your overall health.
  • A values-based approach is more effective and easier to maintain than a traditional budgeting approach.
  • To achieve financial freedom, you need to master the 2 Money Tracks: Mindset & Methodology (Make, Manage, Multiply).
  • Money problems are never just about money.
  • Knowing how to invest using a research-based approach is no longer a nice-to-know skill for women; it’s essential.
  • Managing your finances is fun when you learn how to use money in a way that serves your highest, best interests.
  • Every financial problem has a solution. 
  • Perfection is the killer of dreams. Progress beat perfection any day of the week.
  • It’s OK to delegate, but it’s never OK to abdicate financial decision-making.


We were thrilled to have Doris Belland present two workshops at our office. Doris’s presentations were customized to our audiences’ desire to better understand and grow their wealth. Her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm were captivating. We already have requests to bring her back, for the third time!

- Fatima Haider, Women at Enbridge Employee Resource group
Enbridge Gas Distribution

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As a presenter, Doris is more than engaging. She was able to craft a message to our audience of women that combined her body of expertise and excellent presentation style.
Her words have an inspirational power that is both authentic, persuasive, and knowledgeable. She won over the audience as ‘speaker of the day’ at our annual Women In Business Conference 2018.

- Sandra Tisiot, Founder, Women in Business Conference

I invited Doris to speak to my office a few months ago as I knew she would prove to be a positive, informative and engaging speaker.
Her laid-back yet professional approach, clear and concise speaking style and demeanour immediately had the attention of even some of the more hard to impress people in our group.
The feedback was unanimous - they were thoroughly engaged and came away with information and ideas to help them move forward.

- Dawn Goodridge, Realtor, Top Ottawa Homes

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