Create a Values-Based Money System to Live Debt-Free, Grow Your Savings, and Develop Great Options for Your Life

Have you ever thought that you’d like more from your money, but you don’t know where to start or what to do?  🤔 

Are you experiencing financial overwhelm?

Do you wonder if you should focus on paying off debt or building your savings?

Have you tried budgeting, but it never quite worked for you?

Do certain aspects of personal finances make you feel “dumb and insecure”, as one of my clients put it?

Are you worried that you’re behind financially? That it may be too late for you?

If so, you’re not alone. Many women feel that way, too.

There’s GOOD NEWS:

The Take Charge of Your Money Course is designed to help women like you create an effective money system and achieve financial security using my proven, step-by-step program and tools.

We focus on your core values, not generic budgeting categories.


It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, because your values and your goals are unique to you.

Your financial system should reflect that and make it easier, not harder, to get the outcomes you want.

With my system, you have a simple and powerful framework from which to make all your financial decisions.

And the best part? It’s easy to maintain.

“Doris is the best person at explaining financial information that I’ve seen.”

Judith Cane, Canada’s Money Coach

In the Take Charge of Your Money Course you will learn how to create an effective, easy-to-maintain system to manage your finances regardless of where you’re at today.

You don’t need to know a thing about personal finance to take this course. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

The course will help you get in the driver’s seat of your finances, build your confidence, and get great value from your money.

We’ll start with your foundation – your values – and systematically work our way through each core element of financial literacy, which are the building blocks of a strong financial system.

The course content list is below.

"Such a busy work summer! I don't remember going that long before without doing my account balances and tracking. Happily, thanks to what I learned in the course, I had automated all my payments, so no missed payments!

I was very nervous about finally sitting down though, thinking I had likely overspent, increased debt, etc. I was wildly surprised to find I hadn’t overspent and was still on my original plan for paying down my credit cards. I looked over everything to see how this could happen and I realized it was because I was living in line with my values.

I remember being almost shocked, because in years past if I had gone through a period of that craziness and then tried to reconcile, I would wince at the 'mess' I might have gotten myself into - I find I don't 'worry' about finances as I used to, because I know I will not overspend on anything that does not align with who I am now. It is a huge relief to me to know the bills are getting paid, savings is happening, and I'm still making a dent on my debt while NOT having to think about my finances every spare minute (as I would have done years ago as a single mom). Thank you!!"

What's in the Course 🔍

The course is divided into seven modules that address core areas of financial literacy:

🧭 Module 1Set Your Compass: Clarify Your Core Values.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Values versus Budgeting
  • Lesson 3: Your Top 10 Values
  • Lesson 4: The Values Gap
  • Lesson 5: Conclusion


Your values become your North Star for all financial decisions.


🎯 Module 2 – Choose Your Destination: Create Values-Based Goals.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Your Goals Hierarchy
  • Lesson 3: The Values Gap Revisited
  • Lesson 4: Create an Action Board
  • Lesson 5: Conclusion


If you don’t give your money the right job to do, it won’t serve you well. By tying your goals to your values, you get more satisfaction and joy from your money.


⚙️ Module 3Get on Track: Choose Your Accounts, Track Cash flow, Set up Your System, and Calculate Key Numbers.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Tracking your Money
  • Lesson 3: Accounts
  • Lesson 4: The 4 Key Numbers
  • Lesson 5: Organizing Your System
  • Lesson 6: Conclusion


These are the core elements of your financial system.


🏎️ Module 4Get There Faster: Automate Payments and Savings, and Grow Your Income to Accelerate Your Results.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: What to Do First
  • Lesson 3: Automate
  • Lesson 4: Values Test & Big Wins
  • Lesson 5: Grow your Income
  • Lesson 6: Conclusion


I use research from Behavioral Economics to boost your results and avoid pitfalls.


📋 Module 5Treat Corrosive Debt: Create and Implement a Plan to Become Debt-Free.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Simple and Compound Interest
  • Lesson 3: Credit Cards
  • Lesson 4: Debt Elimination Plan
  • Lesson 5: Lessons from Behavioral Economics
  • Lesson 6: Conclusion


You will never be free as long as you have corrosive debt in your life. We’ll put a customized plan in place to become debt-free as soon as possible. We’ll also show you how to make credit cards work for you, not against you.


✅ Module 6Tune Up Your Score: Increase Your Credit Score for Better Options.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Credit Report Basics
  • Lesson 3: Factors that Affect Your Score
  • Lesson 4: Conclusion


Learn how to build and maintain a great credit score.


🎉 Module 7 – Review, Reroute, and Celebrate: Create a Monthly Plan and Helpful Habits to Stay on Course.

  • Lesson 1: Maintaining your System
  • Lesson 2: Getting through Setbacks
  • Lesson 3: Next Steps


A system isn’t effective if you can’t or don’t maintain it. You’ll learn strategies to ensure long term success and what to do when you hit bumps in the road.



  • Video training on Mortgages: How they work and what to watch out for.
  • Income Tax: Interview with an accountant on the key information you need to know.

You’ll learn how to:

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Why Get Coaching? 🚀

I’ve heard this from every one of my coaching clients: coaching gets your faster and deeper results.

Can you do this course on your own? Absolutely.

Would you benefit from guidance? 100%

Here is a partial list of the benefits of having me guide you through the material:

  • You get customized feedback on your particular situation. Personal finances are not one-size-fits-all. Your situation may call for a unique approach.
  • I can address any mindset issues that arise as you make your way through the material.
  • I can help you drill down on your core values to get clarity, then help you rank them in order of priority. Identifying your core values sounds like easy, obvious work, but it’s not. It can be tricky to get at the root of what matters most to you and why. Since your values provide the framework for your financial system, this is an important component.
  • Because of my extensive experience in working with people to strengthen their finances, I see gaps, vulnerabilities, and opportunities that my clients don’t. 
  • I know how to determine which parts of your system will provide the biggest wins, saving you time and money.
  • You don’t just learn from me; you learn from hearing other course participants’ questions and hearing me coach them.
  • The group acts as a powerful accountability partner for you, helping to keep you moving forward.

You know how you work best. If you feel that you would benefit from our group, then grab a spot right away as enrollment in the group coaching is limited to ensure that I can provide in-depth guidance for every participant.

My Money-Back Guarantee 💰

I know what it’s like to be interested in taking a course, but wonder, “Will this meet my expectations? What if I don’t like it?”

I know that my students get great results when they do the lessons and implement what they’ve learned, but I get that you don’t yet know that for yourself.

I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. That’s why I’m offering a Money-Back Promise:

If you’ve watched the video lessons, completed the exercises, and you don’t find the course useful by the end of  four weeks, send me an email and I will happily refund your full payment within four weeks of the course start date. No hard feelings!

This provides you with a risk-free opportunity to experience the course for yourself.

"The course was such an interesting, valuable process for me and my finances. I was a bit disappointed that we had to end. Doris is a very engaging speaker and created such a comfortable, safe space during our coaching sessions to discuss the issues of our finances. I haven't stopped thinking about it and some of the exercises we did. I am making a commitment to myself to continue with this and fix my situation."

"I LOVE managing my finances now. Really, truly enjoy it."

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