Your Foundation to Financial Freedom Course

A Program to Help You Take Control of Your Finances, Strengthen Your Relationship with Money, and Grow Your Wealth.

Get More Joy and Peace of Mind from Your Dollars 

Without Nickle-and-Diming Yourself in a Restrictive Budget

When you use a proven system based on your core values…
 … and you develop an empowering money mindset, saving money and achieving financial independence become doable.
In 9 weeks, you can transform your finances with this evidence-based, step-by-step system that is fully customized to your needs, values, and goals.

If you’re here, I know this much about you:

You want so much more from your life.

When you entered adulthood, you were told to get an education, get a good job, follow a budget and you’d be in great financial shape.

What happened to the “great financial shape” part?

Your finances aren’t as easy, or as secure, as you thought they would be by now.

Some days you think, “At my age, I should be father ahead. Why am I not?” 

It’s not for a lack of trying.

Maybe you did the whole budgeting thing to get a handle on your spending.

You downloaded Mint, tracked expenses, created categories and imposed spending limits.

Three months in, the whole “micro-managing” and “obsessing-over-nickels” approach caused you so much stress and shame when you couldn’t stick to your spending targets that you said, “!@*?#🤬” while deleting the app.

Or maybe you’re the kind of super organized person who started budgeting when you were fifteen after getting your first job.

You know where every dime goes and you can list your budget off the top of your head.

Despite all that controlling and being careful, you’re still nowhere near your financial goals.

You think, “I don’t get it. I’m doing the work. When do I get to enjoy the fruits of my sacrifices?”

The frustrating reality is this:

Tracking your money is NOT the same as managing your money.

And until you make the switch, you won’t create
the life you want.


You went to school for years.

In that time, you learned calculus, grammar, the historical events behind D-Day, the parts of a cell, and the skills to do your work.

But you were never really taught how to make, manage and grow your money.

Your parents didn’t teach you about money either – for a million understandable reasons that typically revolve around fear, discomfort, and shame.

For most people, money is still a taboo subject.

Your parents would rather talk to you about sex than money – and we all know how that talk turned out.

You need a better approach for your finances.

One that serves your unique situation, values and dreams.

One that’s doable by someone juggling 14 balls (that would be you).

And one that works right now!

You don’t want to wait another ten years – or more – to be able to finally let your shoulders relax and enjoy life,
without having to think about money ALL the time.

This is your chance to do just that without the restrictive, one-size-fits-all approach of traditional budgeting.


A comprehensive, step-by-step course to help you take charge of your finances, strengthen your relationship with money, build your confidence, grow your savings account, and create great options for your future.

You’ll learn how to eliminate debt, build a financial safety net, and make more money so you can experience the peace of mind and the joy that come from knowing your future is secure.

Before we get into all the course details, let’s make sure you’re a good fit. 

If you are:

You’re in the right place!

Your Foundation to Financial Freedom Course will give you the step-by-step plan, tools, inspiration and support you need to create a system where money serves your highest, best interests and leaves you free to enjoy your life.

By the end of the course you will have:

1. Put a stop to unhealthy money patterns and self-sabotage

and started writing your own Money Story based on what matters to you. Your mind will be your ally when it comes to achieving your financial goals.

2. Implemented a proven money tracking system and created a weekly Money Ritual

so that you can keep an eye on the key numbers that lead to financial freedom. You'll know what you spend, where, and why.

3. Created a financial decision-making framework

based on your core values and your life goals. You'll use your values as your North Star to make the best use of your money.

4. Created a Conscious Spending Plan and Grown Your Savings

and you'll have all your essential accounts in place. Each part of your finances will be optimized through automation and regular review practices.

5. Put together a sustainable debt elimination plan with a "Debt-Free Me" date

and you'll know what to pay off first, including how much to pay every month. You'll also have the right mix of credit cards for you.

6. Learned strategies to grow your income

using money-saving scripts, negotiation strategies, and a blueprint to build a side gig if you choose.

If you are not where you want to be with respect to your finances, take this course! It changed so much for me.
I went from living in ignorance and fear about my financial situation to taking charge and feeling totally empowered and in control.

The benefits of the course also extend far beyond finances.
Ann P.
Doris is an amazing coach! Her "no shame, no blame, no judgment" philosophy helped put me at ease to face my finances.
I finally uncovered and released some key subconscious beliefs that had been holding me back for years. I now feel more confident about my earning power and how to manage my money.
And discovering my core values is now changing the way I spend. I highly recommend her course!
Anne O.
Doris is the best person at explaining financial information that I've seen.
Judith Cane
Canada's Money Coach

Your Foundation to Financial Freedom changes lives.
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Student Success Stories

This could be you …

Recently finished the course and it exceeded my expectations! I've been telling everyone about it. The focus on core values was such an important exercise and journey for me not only in my financial life, but across all categories!
I mapped out the next 10 years on what I call my "Freedom Timeline". It feels so empowering to have sight on the dark, dusty corners of my finances and to have hope that the future can look different. This motivates me as I pursue a new career helping others unlock what's keeping them 'stuck'. Excited to go after this beautiful life by design, not life by default!
Stephanie K.
I did coaching with Doris as part of the course. The coaching felt very personal and practical - it goes far beyond any generic advice or models. Doris is very good at what she does!
Before the course, I don't think I realized what it takes to establish good patterns, regularly monitor money, set meaningful goals, and engage in regular reflection. I didn't expect it to be personal or emotional.
Doris's emails, modules and coaching have so much value and they make a meaningful impact by making visible things that have been invisible and deeply ingrained, unconsciously shaping our finances for years.
Elizabeth C.
What I learned blew me away and I am so grateful I did the course.
I would recommend it to anyone because it has left me feeling empowered. It changed the way I look at spending
and how I make decisions about my money and my time.

Conscious spending and value-based decision-making are powerful tools!
Jean N.
This course is rocking my world! The mindset piece was necessary to tackle the last frontier of the 'real estate between my ears'. I am consciously stepping away from the relationship I used to have with money. I think the course is essential and ground-breaking.
Working on my values was incredibly useful and empowering. Now I spend conscientiously, purposefully and without fear.
Lynn B.


Hi, I’m Doris!

I’m a financial literacy educator who has helped thousands of women take control of their money and create great options for themselves.

In my early thirties, I was widowed and left with $400,000 of debt, which I paid off in two years. I’ve since built a multi-seven-figure net worth and a thriving business – using my skills as a trained researcher and an evidence-based approach.

Here’s what I know to be true:

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you know, or what your current situation is. Financial freedom is possible with the right system, ongoing support, and a safe, no shame, no blame, no judgment environment in which to learn.

This is that safe space for you.

In this course, I created the system and the plan that I wish I’d had years ago when I stared down a mountain of debt.

At the time, it felt like I had few options for my future.

This course would have changed my life.

I created it so that you can achieve financial security, peace of mind, and freedom in a tiny fraction of the time it took me to figure it out and make it happen.

Life is short. Don’t waste another minute settling for less than you want. You can do this.

Hop into the course and let’s get you to financial freedom as soon as possible!

Your Foundation to Financial Freedom is coming soon.

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