Tips to Pivot Your Business – an Interview with Ralph in Switzerland

Imagine that after working for a large company for years, you decide to launch your own communication company. Everything is going very well except for one factor – the timing. Just as you’re ready to turn on the jets to full speed, Covid-19 hits and the world shuts down.

What do you do?

This is precisely what happened to Ralph Heidemann from Switzerland and his newly-fledged company Heidemann Kommunikation.

I interviewed Ralph for my Money Changes Everything Video Series on people thriving during the pandemic.

Here’s our conversation in which Ralph tells us how he adapted within weeks of the worldwide shutdown. He shares tips and strategies to rebound if the pandemic has significantly affected your business.

Potential points of interest for business owners:

  • 4:07 – How can you use your skills if you can’t work? “Do something for your brain.”
  • 7:51 – A possible business opportunity
  • 9:29 – Create a think tank of professionals in related fields to brainstorm potential offerings and find solutions
  • 11:40 – Adapt your skills and messaging to emerging needs: What are people going to need coming out of the crisis?
  • 15:30 – Why this applies to your personal finances
  • 17:00 – Words of advice for small business owners

How did it work out for Ralph?

Three months into the pandemic, he has a full slate of clients. This is an excellent example of using adaptive messaging and pivoting to thrive despite a difficult start for a new business.

The strategy that Ralph implemented can be applied to any business. The key is to think strategically about how the world has changed and how you can use your core competencies to fill in the emerging gaps.

This also applies to your personal finances

As I mentioned during the interview, all of the strategies we discussed apply to your personal finances as well. In my last post on doing a spring cleaning for your finances, I noted that medical experts are telling us a second wave of infections will happen; it’s just a matter of time.

If we face another full-blown shutdown, how will you fare?

To help you strengthen your finances and prepare for whatever lies ahead, I’ve written The Ultimate Guide to Thriving Financially During the Pandemic. CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy.










If you have a story about how you are adapting financially and professionally to the pandemic, reach out. I’d love to hear from.

Stay healthy!

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